Hi Matt, my name is Evelyn and I’m new to the backcountry. I just got your book and must tell you how much I love it!!!! Your system is brilliant and has really given me more confidence to go where it is appropriate for my skill level and avy tolerance. Thank you!!!! Now can you do one of the whole WA state?

The book is great. This is the way all guide books should be.
Keep Killing it,

“Each version or edition of the Off-Piste Ski Atlas that is released gets just a little better.” 14erskiers.com



In other exciting news, Crested Butte is now fully digital! Check out the RAKKUP app. Silverton and Snoqualmie are next.

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Off-Piste Ski Atlas, is the essential photographic guidebook for backcountry skiing.

This lightweight, waterproof book offers up the best backcountry terrain in each location. Maps of the region, aerial photographs of each ski run, and legend keys are designed to give the user the most pertinent information for riding the goods safely and wisely.

Unlike many other guidebooks, it is light, compact and durable enough to take with you on your adventures for on-the-spot decision making.